REVIEW: Percy Jacson app

The Percy Jackson series is my favorite series. It brings a new, refreshing air to modern day Heroes. When I finished House of Hades I was sad, because I wanted to continue reading in this world. I was asked to review this app and given my honest opinion about it. I loved it. Honestly, with all my heart, I loved it! I found it thrilling go on a journey like Percy's and to see what it's truly like to be a demigod. To read your story and choose what path your character and Sam will take is not something that many readers are able to do. It warms my heart to know that Uncle Rick actually writes these stories, because it really shows he cares about us.  Also, being dyslexic I find it excellent that you can change the font size. It's easier to get the words to stay still. Yes, it does cost money for the stories, but it's not too much. It's affordable. I believe that this app is worth downloading and taking the time to explore. I'm eagerly waiting to find out who my parent is! Athena? Apollo?