Author Interview & Giveaway: Mary Wasowski - author of Forever


                 About Mary: Mary Wasowski is the queen of mastering many tasks. She calls New Jersey her home where she shares her life with her husband, and their three amazing sons. Writing was her way of expressing her words that sometimes she couldn't say. Her journals were filled with the rants of a teenager finding her way, and eventually they turned into poems, and short stories. Joining the indie community of so many talented writers has been a wonderful experience. Mary is so thankful for all of the love and support that she has received.

About Mary’s book Forever: Following her larger than life best friend to NYU was a dream come true. Modeling part-time to pay the bills, while she earned her teaching degree, Reese Mitchell never imagined her Nana’s prediction of finding her future husband could be possible. Then she met…HIM! Walker Reed, her handsome stranger. He was sexy as sin and one look from him, she was hooked. Loving Walker was effortless. He captured her heart with one touch making Reese lose herself in him. From strangers to lovers, they became two hearts…one love. Outside forces conspire to tear their love apart leaving her to wonder if two people from different worlds should stay together? When promised “Forever” from the man who loves her, Reese is left with only one thing to do. She trusts the promises made. She believes in the happily ever after. She believes in…FOREVER

FMM: When did you start writing?
MW: I’ve been writing since I was a teenager. I had days when my journals were my best friend. A perfect outlet to vent the everyday frustrations of a young girl coming of age.
FMM: Do you have a favorite author?
MW: A.L. (Amy) Jackson
FMM: Do you have any current projects?
MW: I am working on my first series. It is called “The Forever Series”. Book One in the Forever Series is titled “Forever” and it will debut on 2/20/2014, which also happens to be my birthday. I thought this would be a great day to celebrate two special moments in my life.
FMM: What or where do you see yourself a year or two from now?
MW: Hopefully still writing. It brings me an unmeasurable amount of joy and fulfilment. I would love to see my writing be embraced by many and find myself on a best seller list one day.
FMM: Do you ever experience writer’s block? If so, how do you manage?
MW: I think it is normal for any writer to experience writer’s block. I have encountered times when I became frustrated with my words or lack of. If I reach that point, I usually take a step back and take a breather. I always retreat back to my notes where I can outline more ideas. Once satisfied, I can easily return to my computer and write on.
FMM: Do you draw inspiration from your real life into your books? Yes and No.  Yes to incorporating family, romance, and friendships. No to some of the content that I have written. When I wrote “A Changed Life” my debut novel. This book contained content that I was asked if it was relatable to me. No it wasn’t, but I knew of others that it was.
FMM: What are you currently reading?
MW: I am reading the Exquisite Series by Ella Frank.
FMM: Do you have a specific writing style?
MW: From friends and a few writing peers who have read my work, I have heard that my writing is similar to Colleen Hoover. Now that is an unbelievable compliment to receive, but I was honored to hear it. When I write anything, I go into the direction of writing what I love, and loving what I write. I like writing pov and I’ve been told that I am stronger speaking from the male pov. I smile at that. I like building a foundation for my characters. I’m not easy on them, but I strive for them to get their happily ever after in the end.
Thank you Grace for giving me this opportunity. As an Indie Author, I truly appreciate all the support.

Thank you Mary for your time! We wish you the very best!

~Interviewer and article writer: Grace

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