Guarding Angel by S.L. Saboviec (spoiler free book review)

Guardian angel Enael can’t seem to keep her human Wards in check. They’re the ones who choose their paths before reincarnating—she’s just there to help make sure they stay on track. But it’s not as easy as it might look.
When she meets and falls in love with charismatic Kaspen, a fellow Guardian, Enael’s feelings about Heaven, Hell, demons, and the life she’s known are turned upside down. Worse, angel-turned-demon Yasva, Kaspen’s former love, still holds him in her clutches. Even as Yasva works toward obtaining complete control of Earth, she taunts and haunts Kaspen’s and Enael’s lives.
Now Enael is forced to face her past (which is centuries long and bursting with secrets), her present (which is terribly unfulfilling and full of questions), and her future (which becomes more uncertain as time passes). Armed with a newfound love and fear of losing it all, she must figure out how to save the world—-and the angel she loves. Which side will win? Who will Kaspen choose? Will Heaven and Earth continue to exist, or will everything go to Hell?

4 of 5 stars
 ★ ★ ★

I had my doubts about this book because of the summary (above). It sounded kind of cheesy, like for angel books there is normally a war between Heaven and Hell and usually the ignorant humans on Earth are caught in the middle of it all. Well, I was very wrong. Saboviec had a very unique style and topic, took it, and ran. This book is very different from any I've ever had the privilege to read. It caught me at the beginning and had me hooked till the end. I could not put it down. While the summary focuses more on the war, there is also a pretty complicated love triangle and a very unusual conflict between the main character and herself. Kaspen was a very important aspect to Enael's self-conflict and Yasva was a small part of the reason for why the conflict existed. Mostly, Enael was doubting her skills as a Guardian. The plot was very interesting and the conflicts even more so; the touch of unique characters completed the novel. This book contains very mild language and some adult content. I recommend it for ages 14 and up.


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